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Mass Torts: Helping Families In Texas Recover From Injuries That Should Not Have Happened

We have all heard tragic stories on the news about passengers killed in a plane crash, employees injured or killed in a massive chemical explosion, or even groundwater contamination that caused cancer in a community. When you or your family are the ones affected by such a tragedy, that story becomes a nightmare.

Our law firm’s founder, attorney Artie Pennington, focuses on getting results through perseverance and attention to detail. With offices in Austin and Kyle, Artie Pennington Law Offices, PLLC, represents clients throughout Texas in mass tort lawsuits.

What Is A Mass Tort?

A tort is a legal term that relates to wrongdoing. When an individual or a company’s actions (or failure to take action) cause harm, injury or damage to another person, the person who was harmed may have a case for a civil lawsuit. In a mass tort, a lot of people were harmed by the same event. Examples of mass tort cases include:

  • Products are defective or dangerous due to design or manufacturing defects, or a failure to provide adequate instructions or warnings about the product
  • Defective or dangerous drugs or medical devices that cause harm or unintended and dangerous side effects
  • Man-made disasters and catastrophes like chemical fires, factory explosions, train derailments or commercial airplane crashes
  • Chemical spills, toxic waste dumps or toxins that were released into the environment resulting in exposure and injuries or illnesses

In any tort case, the individual or company’s actions (or inaction) may have been intentional, meaning they purposely caused harm. The actions (or inaction) may have been negligent, meaning that by normal standards, the wrongdoer should have been more careful in their actions or behaviors.

Or, there might be a case for strict liability. With strict liability, the law says that it doesn’t matter if the person or company acted intentionally or even negligently, the company can still be held responsible if their product, service or actions injured another person.

How Is A Mass Tort Different Than A Class Action Lawsuit?

In a class action lawsuit, there is a single lawsuit with a lot of plaintiffs. In a mass tort, each plaintiff can bring their own lawsuit, or there can be groups of people in the same lawsuit. Often, the plaintiffs in a mass tort suffered different injuries or damages.

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