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Buying Or Selling Of A Business In Texas

Finding an existing business to buy isn’t always easy, but new opportunities are always exciting. Similarly, selling a business can be bittersweet. In either scenario, a corporate lawyer can guide you through the process.

With offices in Austin and Kyle, our business law and intellectual property law firm can advise and assist with the purchase and sale of any business entity in Texas.

Ensure The Successful Purchase Of A Preexisting Company

Purchasing a preexisting business or company certainly avoids the startup costs and challenges that come with starting a business from scratch. An established business can have benefits including an existing customer base, a history of expected costs and profits, and experienced employees.

However, it isn’t always easy to find a business to buy, and making the transition to new ownership can come with unique challenges. Before you invest in a business, it is important to understand exactly what you are buying.

Determining why the business is for sale is an important initial step. In addition, an experienced business lawyer can help with the following due diligence tasks:

  • Analyze financial and accounting records, including tax statements
  • Review past sales and profit margins
  • Analyze inventory numbers
  • Identify real estate and its present market value
  • Identify and analyze all of the business’s assets and liabilities
  • Forecast future growth potential as compared to industry trends
  • Analyze existing contractual obligations
  • Identify the company’s intellectual property rights

The more information you and your attorney can gather in advance, the easier it will be to assess the potential risks and investment opportunities in the business purchase.

Selling A Preexisting Business

Selling a business can be overwhelming and cause mixed emotions. It requires a significant amount of organization and work. Any prospective buyers will need to be provided with a copious amount of the business’s details and information before they will commit to purchasing it. Our attorney has built his legal career on the foundation of two important principles: understanding the importance of careful research and attention to detail. Both support his ability to assist with the purchase or sale of your business.

Are You Buying Or Selling A Business? Call Today

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