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Technology Transfer: Moving Inventions Out Of The Lab

At Artie Pennington Law Offices, we help clients with technology transfer transactions that benefit their goals and allow the monetization of their intellectual property. Technology transfer facilitates the use of inventions and scientific discoveries for new purposes.

With almost 20 years of experience in engineering, software and semiconductor design, our attorney understands the value of intellectual property and how important it is to share new inventions with the community. Out of our offices in Kyle and Austin, we can represent you in sharing your hard work.

We Can Help You Through The Technology Transfer Process

A technology transfer allows intellectual property, scientific findings and knowledge to be shared between universities, companies and researchers or other public and private users. Technology transfers can benefit the community, your work and the industry as a whole.

Passed in 1980, the Bayh-Dole Act was passed regarding the ownership of federally funded research. Under this law, universities and organizations keep ownership of their intellectual property when the research and development are performed with federal funding. Universities must protect their work through patent protections and licensing agreements. Any earned royalties are shared between the inventors, the organization itself and in support of the technology transfer process.

Universities develop intellectual property as a way to advance learning and extend knowledge. Universities typically use the technology push model in their technology transfer transactions. A technology push happens after a university or company patents its intellectual property and licenses it to other parties. Approaching sharing their intellectual property in this way allows the invention to enter the market.

How To Contact Us Regarding Technology Transfers

Technology transfer is a great tool that can significantly benefit you and your community. We can help you make sense of the process so that you can successfully meet your goals. Providing custom legal solutions in Texas, you can rely on our attorney to represent your interests. Call us today to schedule a consultation at 512-982-1190 or complete our online contact form.