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Custom Patent Solutions To Promote Your Interests

Registering and enforcing your rights through a patent is the best way to protect your invention. Obtaining a patent can be a complicated process; however, you don’t have to take it on alone.

At Artie Pennington Law Offices, our attorney has decades of experience as an engineer and inventor in software and semiconductor design. We can help you with patent-related concerns, from filing your application to asserting your rights in a patent infringement case. Assisting clients in the Austin and Kyle areas, we deliver custom legal solutions to help our clients meet their goals.

Helping You With Your USPTO Application

A patent is an intellectual property protection that grants you the exclusive right to use your invention, product, design or process while excluding others from using your creation. There are three categories of patents depending on the type of creation you seek to protect. Design patents protect a design of an invention, product or software. Utility patents cover machines and systems, and plant patents are for new plant variants.

Obtaining a patent can be a complex process. The first step is determining whether your idea is patentable. It involves conducting a patent search to ensure no one else has patented it. You must then submit an application to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Your USPTO application must include:

  • An abstract
  • How your invention differs from others
  • How to use or create your invention
  • Claims defining the scope or boundaries of the patent
  • Drawings – if applicable

At Artie Pennington Law Offices, we can help you complete your application while ensuring that all necessary information is included. If approved, your patent will last 20 years from the date you filed your application.

We can also help you if someone uses your patent for their own purposes. Patent infringement is the unauthorized use or sale of patented inventions. Use and sale can include copying, importing and offering for sale. If you discover someone using your patented invention, you have numerous ways to hold them accountable, including filing a lawsuit and seeking an injunction.

Work With A Trusted Patent Attorney

From filing your patent application to monitoring and ensuring no infringement takes place, you can rely on our attorney to provide experienced and knowledgeable legal guidance on your intellectual property rights. Contact our Kyle or Austin office today to schedule your consultation by calling 512-982-1190 or completing an online contact form.